Monday, December 15, 2008

Encore Weddings

Several of our brides are in the midst of planning their second wedding. We call second weddings Encore Weddings! The "Encore" represents the much deserved and final,important wedding of their lives.

Most second-time brides come in a little unenthusiastic and are always quick to make us aware that it is their second time going down the aisle. We feel that you should approach your wedding in a totally different light. Even though you've gone down the aisle, doesn't mean that this wedding should be any less important than the last. Solutions Bridal believes it should be even better than the last. Your wedding represents the union of two families and children coming together as siblings. It should be extra special and consider including your children in your bridal party. This is an exciting and emotional time in their lives as well.

These days there isn't much "regulation" to what you should and shouldn't do. Wear what you feel confident in and you will glow down the aisle. According the the, it isn't recommend that you wear a blusher with your veil. Blushers represent father giving his daughter away for the first time. You can still have your veil though. Also, if you feel the most flattering in white then go for it. There isn't a regulation for that one either.

Encore! Encore!

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Top 10 Advice on finding the DRESS!

  • Number One Rule: Be open minded! What you think reminds you of your grandmother's dress on the hanger, may in fact be the dress of your dreams.
  • Bring someone that knows your style better than their own. I'm sure the groom doesn't want to see you in something that your bestfriend would wear on her wedding day
  • DON'T PURCHASE YOUR DRESS ONLINE! You miss out on the whole experience.
  • Don't worry what the groom will think. If he loves you, he will love what you pick.
  • Have fun! Remember that you have been dreaming of this day since you were five. Don't let the decision put a cloud over your head
  • If you hate the little bow on the dress, ask the consultant if you can order it Chances are you can. Keep in mind (contrary to what the magazines always say) there might be a charge for it. It won't lower the cost of the dress.
  • Price vs. Love: If you love the dress, GO FOR IT! Don't settle for less on what your wearing for your big day. You can always take some of the budget from the centerpieces and so on. No one will know and we won't tell.
  • Research designers online and make a scrap book of styles that you like. Do keep in mind, that it may all change when you start trying on.
  • Save the group shopping for the mall. This should be a personal experience that you should only share with one or two.
  • When you find it, you find it. Don't second guess yourself or you will pick your second favorite.