Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making your count down as easy as 1,2,3... A,B,C!

After all the excitement of him popping the question, the list of things to do can be overwhelming. Take a step back, take a deep breath and pick up the phone. There is help on the way.
Start with first things first: 1. Set a budget. Establish who will be able to contribute and how much.
  • A. It's very important to know where you stand financially while planning.
  • B. The last thing you want is to fall in love and have you heart broken when you see the price tag.
  • C. This applies to to everything when planning, from the venue to the dress it should work with what you will be comfortable spending.
2. Set the date.
  • A. Keep in mind school and work schedules.
  • B. Its your day! The focus is suppose to be around your schedule, you wont be able to please everyone.
3. Choose your ceremony and reception sites.

6-9 months:
1. Order your gown.

  • A. Get an idea of styles. It will make it easier to know what you like and dislike when looking. We have lots of great designers here at Solutions Bridal.
  • B. They are never going to stop making beautiful gowns.
  • C. Find the dress that is you the most!

2. Choose brides maids dresses.

  • A. Find something that complements your dress. Get some ideas from our website at Solutions Bridal.
  • B. Look for a dress that is flattering for all body types.
  • C. If your girls are not comfortable, it will show in your picture.

3. Send out save the date

  • We conveniently have Nancy's Notes here in our Gainesville location for all your wedding day announcement needs. She meets by appointment only.
  • Nancy's Notes (352) 256-4959 /
  • Consider booking your photographer earlie and send out engagement photos along with your save the dates! May we suggest CJ Photography.

4-6 months:
1. Finalize the guest list.

  • A. Include those if you have allowed dates and/or spouses.
  • B. Now is the time to decide if it is adults only as well.

2. Choose the attire for your groom and his grooms men.

2-4 months:
1. Contact the town/ city clerks office to inquire about marriage license requirements.

2. Select the ceremony and reception music

4-8 weeks:
1. Mail out your invitations six to eight weeks prior to the wedding date.

2. Do hair and makeup run-through with hair pieces and veil.

  • A. Check out the fun new hair pieces and accessories this Feb. 20-22nd at the Lori London trunk show at Solutions Bridal in Gainesville.
  • Check out these likes for stylists Dale Dee's & Graceful Strands.

2 to 4 weeks:
1. Contact all vendors to confirm all details and set a time line for the wedding day.

2. Have your final dress fitting with shoes, headpiece, jewelry and lingerie.

1 week:
1. Organize wedding day payments and gratuities in clearly labeled envelopes and choose who will distribute then to your vendors.

  • A. Picking this trustworthy helper will help you be able to enjoy your day with out interruption.

2. Take care of any last- minute beauty treatments including waxing, facial, manicure and pedicure.

  • A. If you plan on getting your hair done you may even want to give it 2 weeks before so the color and cut will be blended perfectly.
  • B. Avoid a drastic change right before your big day. Going to short or an extreme color change can effect your original hair design and look.
Print out the checklist and get to it! The sooner you start the more you will be able to enjoy your engagement and really experience the little moments with out the stress.

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Cynthia said...

This board is a bank of ideas! A huge help for brides like me. I admit I'm a bit bridezilla sometimes but I think that's natural. The major key to make your wedding successful is to plan carefully. Research and look for good vendors.

Top 10 Advice on finding the DRESS!

  • Number One Rule: Be open minded! What you think reminds you of your grandmother's dress on the hanger, may in fact be the dress of your dreams.
  • Bring someone that knows your style better than their own. I'm sure the groom doesn't want to see you in something that your bestfriend would wear on her wedding day
  • DON'T PURCHASE YOUR DRESS ONLINE! You miss out on the whole experience.
  • Don't worry what the groom will think. If he loves you, he will love what you pick.
  • Have fun! Remember that you have been dreaming of this day since you were five. Don't let the decision put a cloud over your head
  • If you hate the little bow on the dress, ask the consultant if you can order it Chances are you can. Keep in mind (contrary to what the magazines always say) there might be a charge for it. It won't lower the cost of the dress.
  • Price vs. Love: If you love the dress, GO FOR IT! Don't settle for less on what your wearing for your big day. You can always take some of the budget from the centerpieces and so on. No one will know and we won't tell.
  • Research designers online and make a scrap book of styles that you like. Do keep in mind, that it may all change when you start trying on.
  • Save the group shopping for the mall. This should be a personal experience that you should only share with one or two.
  • When you find it, you find it. Don't second guess yourself or you will pick your second favorite.